Press Coverage on a Budget: How to Achieve It for Just $40 with Gavin Lira

In the past, I invested significantly in press coverage from major networks like NBC, ABC, and Fox. However, I discovered a method to achieve similar results for only $40, and I’m keen to share this technique with you.

I’m Gavin Lira, founder of The Empathy Firm. Three years ago, I began my journey with my brother, Grant Lira to secure cost-effective press coverage. Today, I’m proud to lead The Empathy Firm, where we have secured over a thousand podcast and online press features for our clients. Our strategy centers around a company named that specializes in distributing press releases. Let’s delve deeper into how it works.

The secret to our success is this: a company called This company specializes in press releases. But let’s get something straight here – what exactly is a press release? Imagine taking an article, usually about an announcement or news you want to promote, and having it distributed to a myriad of different websites for a temporary period, typically three months.

Abnewswire has pre-negotiated rates with numerous news sites and blogs. When you submit your press release, it temporarily pops up on these sites, which, although isn’t permanent, offers a significant advantage. You can legally leverage their logos and credibility on your site or wherever necessary. Being able to get into sites affiliated with NBC, ABC, Fox, and sometimes even MarketWatch can help you close more deals.

Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of how you can do it:

1) Heading Over to Start by signing up for the $40 package in the pricing section. You can get it cheaper per press release if you buy in bulk, but if you just want one to leverage the logos for yourself, go ahead with this one.

2) Creating Your Press Release: After signing up, you’ll have to create your press release. You’ll need to add a catchy title, summary, and the press release content itself. Pro-tip: I’ve used Chat GPT to write a 50-word summary and convert an existing article into a press release format. It’s a great way to get quality content without breaking a sweat.

3) Uploading an Image and Selecting Category: Next up, you’ll have to upload an image relevant to your press release and select a category. Don’t overthink it – simply go with “business” or anything relevant to your content.

4) Providing Contact Info: After that, you fill out the required contact info and proceed.

5) Adding Meta Tags: Now, this might seem daunting at first, but it’s quite simple. Pick one or two keywords you really want to rank for and put them in the meta tags section.

6) Scheduling Your Press Release: You get to decide when your press release goes out. Do make sure to hit preview and check everything before submitting.

7) Submitting Your Press Release: Once everything looks good, hit submit. Your press release will then have to be approved by the AB Newswire team, which can take about a day or two.

Remember, the main benefit here is leveraging credibility from these publications. After your press release is scheduled, you’ll receive a PDF containing all the publications, blogs, and news outlets your article has been syndicated to, enabling you to leverage their credibility.

That’s it! Nothing held back, you now know exactly how to implement this strategy to get yourself, your company, or your client featured in press for just $40.

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